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Best Concreting Company in Escondido

Concrete Cutting and Polishing Escondido

Concrete Services - Concrete Cutting & Polishing EscondidoDuring restoration or construction, remodelers and home builders need to customize existing or new concrete surfaces to meet particular project standards. If this job is not carried out with the utmost accuracy and professionalism, it can result in many damaging setbacks, including job site injuries and hold-ups in your work. However, you can prevent these issues by dealing with the very best concrete cutting and polishing professional who understands the need to perform quality work, develop a safe working environment, and can complete tasks in the fastest time possible.

Southwest Concrete Accessories is the supreme concrete cutting company you can rely on. For thirty years, we have been employed for this service by many customers in Escondido; meaning that we understand the process.

Just what is Concrete Cutting?

Basically, concrete cutting is the process of making openings in concrete ceilings, cutting through concrete walls or slabs, masonry, stone, or reinforced concrete.

Rather than utilizing a jackhammer, which will leave unsightly jagged edges, our cutting-edge saws leave behind a highly precise and definitive line. In addition, these contemporary saws include vacuum cleaners, which will collect the dust, something that makes the work area very safe, and assists us in our effort to leave the work area cleaner than we found it.

Our equipment can cut through concrete quickly; hence enabling us to complete the job in the predetermined time, or earlier in most cases.

Concrete Cutting Techniques in Escondido

We use different methods of concrete sawing including:

Slab Sawing

Commonly referred to as flat sawing, slab sawing is the most well-known approach we use to cut through horizontal concrete surfaces. Here, our certified operator pushes a walk-behind piece of equipment that features very strong blades which are linked to a steel central hub. As the cart is pushed forward, the blades slice through the concrete in a downward direction.

Because the blades are manufactured from industrial diamonds, the machine can preserve its cutting efficiency and size after long-term use.

Considering that the blades have a narrow width, they can cut through any concrete fast, which implies that we can have any job done in the quickest time possible. All our walk-behind machines have vacuums; for this reason breathing problems due to dust ought to be the least of your concerns.

Electric Sawing

In case you need concrete cutting in a room or structure that has poor air quality control, we shall not compromise its stability by using a gas-powered saw. This is where electric sawing come in handy. The sawing operators we send to your property are highly trained, experienced, and competent in handling electric sawing machines

Our Concrete Cutting and Polishing Services

You have seen in various sources of information that concrete cutting & polishing is something that you can quickly achieve by yourself as long as you can follow easy guidelines. This is wrong! Only a highly trained and proficient professional with practical experience can develop and carry out effective techniques for concrete cutting and polishing.

As a matter of fact, even relatively simple concrete cutting tasks can go wrong and lead to needless errors if left in the hands of the unskilled. At Southwest Concrete Accessories, we have two things that make every concrete cutting job go perfectly;

  • experts and
  • the latest equipment.

We have invested in full-size slab saws that have the power to cut through concrete as thick as twenty inches. This indicates that no job is too big for us. If you have concrete that other experts have considered impossible to deal with, call us today, and we shall deal with it ASAP.

For outside projects, we use saws powered by gasoline for maximum speed. However, we understand how air quality is necessary in your indoor area, and this is why we strive to use electricity-driven saws. If your indoor or outdoor area is tight, we shall use push saws, which are smaller-sized and extremely effective for such spaces. If need be, we can maneuver quickly in very tiny spots utilizing hand-held saws. Despite the job you need to be done, we shall be there to deliver!

Concrete Polishing in Escondido

When our operators have completed cutting concrete, a team of concrete polishers will then polish the surface utilizing products of the highest quality, and leave your surfaces shining and extremely resilient.

What are you waiting for?

With the capability and know-how to assess your needs, develop a strategy that fulfills them, make very accurate cuts and preserve job site safety, we are among the concrete professionals who can assure you quality craftsmanship and timely completion of your project. Benefit from our services by getting in touch with us. We are just a call away!

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